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Welcome to AppRun Docs

Welcome to the AppRun user guide! This guide shows you how to get started creating web applications using AppRun.

What is AppRun?

AppRun is a JavaScript library for building applications. But, you may ask, there are many successful Javascript frameworks and libraries like Angular, React, Vue, and Svelte already; why AppRun?

AppRun provides the elm inspired architecture and embraces the event-driven programming pattern, making AppRun different from other frameworks and libraries.

AppRun has the following benefits overall.

  • You can write quality code with less code
  • You can use just standard JavaScript without learning proprietary syntax
  • You can use AppRun in the browser as a small library (less than 6K gzipped)
  • You can use AppRun with Typescript to make your codebase type-safe
  • AppRun includes State management and routing
  • AppRun makes Web Components development straightforward
  • AppRun Works well with other libraries, such as jQuery, chart.js, D3, lit-html ...

Is AppRun for me?

If you are a beginner developer, you will learn how to build web applications with outstanding architecture quickly. Also, what you learned in AppRun will help you to understand other frameworks and libraries.

If you are an experienced developer, you will learn AppRun is a lightweight alternative to other frameworks and libraries. As a result, you will have one more good tool in your toolbox to meet your clients' needs.


Most of the code snippets in this guide are interactive that you can edit and see the results.

Ready to try it yourself?

Head over to Getting Started or explore the AppRun Architecture.