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AppRun-Site Server-Side Rendering

The AppRun-Site serv command starts a dev server at http://localhost:8080.

npx apprun-site serv

The AppRun-Site dev server serves index.html when the routes don't exist to support Single Page Apps. It also has the capability of server-side rendering to support pretty links and static site creation.

ES Module

Because the pages are compiled into ES Modules, they can be loaded dynamically. Also, thanks to the AppRun architecture, the dev server can render all the pages on the server the same way in the browser.

E.g., when users visit http://.../contact, the dev server finds an ES module from /contact/index.js. The dev server loads the module dynamically and renders it to jsdom. Then, it sends the HTML from jsdom back to the browser.

The exact same code, /contact/index.js, can be run on the client-side and the server-side. No special treatment is needed.

Dynamic Routing

The dev server supports dynamic routing. It searches the URL and finds the corresponding ES module. E.g., when users visit http://.../products/1, the dev server will first try to find the ES module from /products/1/index.js. Of course, /products/1/index.js does not exist, so it will try to find /products/index.js. If /products/index.js exists, it will load the module dynamically and sends 1 as the parameter for rendering.

The result is that pretty links are supported on the server side.

Finally, although you have a dev server for development, you may not have a node server or use a different web server in production. In this case, you can pre-render your site into a static site. Proceed to the next section to learn how to create a static site.